The key to control the quality of carbon steel with multi-element analysis instrument



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Key to quality control of carbon steel by multi element analysis instrument

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Key to quality control of carbon steel by multi element analysis instrument

In July 2020, Xi'an Huaqiang Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. introduced a set of multi-element analysis instrument from Nanjing Qilin scientific instrument group to detect the five major elements in carbon steel. Nanjing Qilin engineers went to the customer's site for installation and commissioning training. The carbon and sulfur elements of the multi-element analysis instrument were analyzed by infrared absorption method, and other multi-element elements were analyzed by the photoelectric colorimetry method. After practical operation, the accuracy and precision were recognized by the customers.

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Xi'an Huaqiang Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of rail transit and construction engineering materials, embedded channels, clamp rails, special section steel, metal components, hardware, fasteners, cable tray equipment, etc. Due to the company's development needs and high requirements for carbon steel quality, Kirin multi-element analysis instrument is selected to detect the five elements in carbon steel. The multi-element analysis instrument is independently developed by Kirin, which makes the operation easier, the gas path distance is shorter, and the analysis time is shorter, which increases the stability of the test data.

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many Element analyzer implement

German based carbon and sulfur analysis technology of multi-element analysis instrument adopts high-performance narrow-band filter to avoid the interference of high carbon to sulfur; high-precision infrared pyroelectric detector ensures the precision and accuracy of high-carbon and ultra-low-carbon measurement; the imported aviation synchronous motor is used in the infrared carbon and sulfur absorption device, which can ensure 100 thousand hours of continuous use without failure; the product detection accuracy reaches international standards Accurate.

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