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Wind blowing a leaf, all things have been startled autumn

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Wind blowing a leaf, all things have been startled autumn

When the wind is warm, the cricket lives in the house, and the eagle begins to attack.

When the sycamore began to fall,

When the heat begins to subside,

We ushered in the beginning of autumn.

Wheat, peanut, soybean, sesame, rice, corn

The air of the beginning of autumn is filled with charming sweetness,

Let's follow the cool wind into the beginning of this autumn!


In ancient China, the beginning of autumn was divided into three periods: "the first is cool wind; the second is white dew; the third is cold cicadas

When the cool wind comes

After the beginning of autumn, the northerly wind began to blow in many areas of China, and the southerly wind gradually decreased. The small north wind brings people a sense of coolness.

The second Marquis Bai Lusheng

Because the sunshine is still very strong in the daytime, when the cool wind blows at night, there is a certain temperature difference between day and night. The water vapor in the air condenses into crystal dew on the outdoor plants in the morning.

Cicadas chirp in three seasons

At this time, the cicada was full of food and the temperature was suitable. It was singing in the breeze on the branches, as if to tell people that the hot summer was over.

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