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Infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer has been well received by many old customers

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Infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer has been well received by many old customers

In September 2020, Nanjing Qilin company paid a return visit to Hebei Hongye Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2016, customers introduced ql-2000df infrared carbon sulfur analyzer and b1000g element analyzer from Nanjing Qilin scientific instrument group. It is mainly used to detect the element content in plain carbon steel and low alloy steel. The regional technical engineers come to visit to upgrade the instruments, train the new employees of the company on site, and give patient technical guidance to the engineers, which is highly praised by customers.

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On site guidance and training of Nanjing Qilin group

Hebei Hongye electric equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in manufacturing: power fittings, power construction tools, safety tools, insulators, lightning arresters, high and low voltage disconnectors and accessories. The split type infrared carbon sulfur multi-element analyzer is mainly used to detect the content of various elements in ordinary carbon steel and low-alloy steel. Due to personnel transfer, the company urgently needs to train laboratory personnel. The regional engineers rush to the customer's site to train technical guidance operators in time. Customers are very satisfied with the quality and after-sales guarantee of "Qilin" brand products.


Ql-hw2000df arc infrared carbon and sulfur meter adopts infrared precision absorption method; the integrated optimization design of the whole machine improves the reliability of the instrument; it adopts dual CPU processing system high-precision acquisition system, which can be up to four times per second; switching power supply, anti-interference ability platinum infrared light source, sufficient light energy - Aviation motor is used to modulate the light source signal, and the signal is stable. It can be used to determine the content of carbon and sulfur in steel, alloy and other materials.

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Ql-b1000g multi-element analysis adopts computer-controlled Element analyzer The special diffraction grating monochrome can realize the wavelength digital adjustment, that is, the optical system can be adjusted to the specified wavelength by inputting the required wavelength arbitrarily. The detection range of metal materials involves the mass fraction of many elements in ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, alloy, casting, mechanical equipment and parts.

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