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The chemical detection methods of iron and steel

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The chemical detection methods of iron and steel

test method

1) Photoelectric spark direct reading test method

The advantages of photoelectric spark direct reading test method are fast, accurate and efficient. This method can be directly solid sample injection, without chemical digestion, and can reduce the artificial error caused by digestion process and constant volume and constant volume process; its disadvantage is that it is highly dependent on the shape of the sample, and its surface must be flat or can be made into a flat surface by grinding and polishing; it is highly dependent on the self-made standard sample, and the 2113 method must have the physical characteristics of the sample The test results are more accurate if the structure and chemical composition are consistent or similar to each other. Therefore, the cost will be relatively high when using this method for component analysis.

Metal composition analysis

2) ICP 5261 volume emission spectrometry

The advantages of 4102 ICP-AES are accuracy, high efficiency and wide sample range. This method has no requirements on sample shape, so it can test any type of sample; its disadvantage is that the process is cumbersome, and the sample needs to be digested, and there are more factors affecting the uncertainty of the test results than that of the photoelectric spark direct reading spectrometry.

component analysis

3) Carbon sulfur analyzer

Carbon and sulfur analyzer is mainly used to test the carbon and sulfur content in steel. This method is a commonly used carbon and sulfur analysis method in China, and the standard is gbt20123-2006 determination of total carbon and sulfur content in steel, and infrared absorption method after combustion in high frequency induction furnace (conventional method). This method is accurate and accurate.

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