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Today's autumnal equinox: the sky is clear and the breeze is gentle

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[today's autumnal equinox] the sky is clear and the breeze is gentle

Autumn Ci

Since ancient times, autumn has been sad and lonely,

I say autumn is better than spring.

A crane in the clear sky,

Then he brought poetry to Bixiao.

The autumn equinox is in the middle of August. At the equinox, half of the 90 day autumn is over. The spring equinox and autumnal equinox are both day and night equinox. The autumn equinox is in the East and the Yang is in the West. After that, Yin Qi is more and more dominant. The thunder stops and the swallow flies away, and the night gets longer and longer. After the autumnal equinox, the autumn water wasted gradually stagnated.


The autumn equinox

Thunder begins to receive sound: on the day of autumnal equinox, "thunder begins to sound" in the sun in February, and the sun begins to shine. In August, the sun fades as it enters the earth in the shade. In the first half of autumn, the clouds of autumn are winding, and the brilliant autumn glow has become a farewell. In the second half of the autumn, the wind rises everywhere, and the autumn rain is lingering. The insects and red leaves are sad.

 20160922170656_ 0771.jpg

Insects hibernate: after five days "insects green households", Wang Anshi poem: "suddenly far branches empty, cold insects to blank households." "Green" here means "Pei". Insects are expelled by the cold and enter the ground to seal their nests. They bid farewell to autumn in advance and prepare for hibernation.

Water drying up: in the next five days, "water begins to dry up", which means drying up. Under the influence of water vapor, the water in spring and summer is long, and it will dry up in autumn and winter.



Autumn equinox season, the sky is high, the clouds are light, the air is clean and the wind is light. "Flying dragon autumn, travel to the sky", I really want to fly. If you want to mature in autumn, it's lightsome - the wild color is boundless, the autumn is open, and the wind is under it. "Phoenix autumn, its wings a number of, its sound if Xiao", more beautiful artistic conception! In fact, the swing is to let people fly, "swing and flower shadow, and in the Moonlight", "tears ask flowers do not speak, red fly over the swing", are beautiful flying images.

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Health preserving in autumn equinox

Meteorological data show that from the autumnal equinox, the days and nights in the northern hemisphere will be shorter and longer; the temperature difference between day and night will gradually increase, and the range will exceed 10 ℃; the temperature will gradually decrease and gradually enter the late autumn season. As the saying goes, "one cold night is like a cold cotton field.".

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