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Old customers introduce all-round element analyzer again

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scan! Old customers introduce all-round element analyzer again scan!
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Old customers introduce all-round element analyzer again

In September 2020, Jiangsu Xuyi benerda science and Technology Co., Ltd., an old customer who has cooperated for many years, introduced an all-round element analyzer to detect the five elements in cast steel, cast iron and ductile iron. Arc infrared omnipotence is composed of integrated infrared carbon sulfur analyzer and multi-element analyzer Element analyzer To ensure the product quality. Nanjing Qilin's technical engineers come to the customer's site for technical guidance, and help the customer upgrade the old equipment. The technical after-sales service has been recognized by customers. We are willing to cooperate with Qilin for a long time to create brilliant future.

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On site guidance and training of Nanjing Qilin group

Jiangsu benerda Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech "group" company with R & D, production and sales of automobile brake system as its main industry. It has become a long-term designated partner of more than 20 automobile manufacturers, such as North Benz, Xiamen Jinlong, FAW Jiefang, Liuqi, Valin, Ankai, Futian, Fangsheng, Dongfeng Dena and SINOTRUK, and exports to Southeast Asia and South China More than 30 countries and regions are not equal.

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The company has strict requirements for material testing. The integrated infrared carbon sulfur analyzer is independently developed and integrated by Kirin, which makes the operation easier, the gas path distance is short, and the analysis time is short, which increases the stability of the test data. Customers use infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer and element analyzer to detect raw materials. Carbon and sulfur elements are detected by infrared absorption method, and other elements are analyzed by external dissolving sample and photoelectric colorimetry. The test time is doubled and the working efficiency is greatly improved.

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Old equipment upgrade site

The all-around element analyzer has German carbon and sulfur analysis technology, using high-performance narrow-band filter to avoid the interference of high carbon to sulfur; the imported high-precision infrared pyroelectric detector ensures the precision and accuracy of high-carbon and ultra-low-carbon measurement; the infrared carbon and sulfur absorption device adopts the aviation synchronous motor imported from Switzerland, which can ensure the continuous use of 100000 hours without failure; product detection The precision is up to the international standard.

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The multi-element analysis adopts the diffraction grating monochromator which can be controlled by the computer for the element analyzer to realize the digital adjustment of the wavelength. That is, the optical system can be adjusted to the specified wavelength by inputting the required wavelength arbitrarily. It can be used for the detection of metal materials, including the mass fraction of various elements in ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, alloys, castings, mechanical equipment and parts.

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