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Composition control of as cast ferrite ductile iron

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scan! Composition control of as cast ferrite ductile iron scan!
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Composition control of as cast ferrite ductile iron

The content of silicon in inoculant should be less than 3%. The lower the manganese, the better, Mn < 0.04%, s ≤ 0.02% and P ≤ 0.02%. This is because silicon can improve the structure and plasticity of nodular iron, and Si = 3.0-3.5% can obtain all ferrite structure. It has been pointed out that when Si = 2.6 ~ 2.8%, cast iron has elongation and impact toughness, but the microsegregation of silicon in iron increases with the increase of phosphorus content, which has a bad effect on mechanical properties, especially when the temperature is lower than zero. Low magnesium and low rare earth nodulizer can be used to spheroidize and reduce the black spot defect In addition, low silicon nodulizer should be used to ensure multiple inoculation.  
For pearlitic nodular iron, the content of manganese in cast iron can be increased to 0.8-1.0% in production. If some castings are used as wear-resistant crankshaft, manganese can be increased to 1.2-1.35% to produce as cast pearlite element copper. The content of copper in nodular iron should be less than 1.5%. Tin is a strong pearlitic element, and its effect on hardness is greater than that of copper and manganese. However, when Sn ≥ 1.0%, graphite will be distorted, so its content should be limited below 0.08%.  

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