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What are the common inspection categories of casting products?

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What are the common inspection categories of casting products?

The internal quality of casting products mainly includes chemical composition, metallographic structure, metallurgical defects, physical and mechanical properties, reliability, grain size (eutectic group number), eutectic saturation, density, purity, continuity, etc.

These internal quality will affect the quality of use, mainly including cutting performance, welding performance, running performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, working life and other working conditions, and its indicators are constantly improving.

1. Direct reading spectrum analyzer for detecting the composition of molten iron in front of furnace: analysis and study of harmful trace elements - especially gas elements n, 0, H

2. Quality inspection of casting raw materials

"X-ray fluorescence spectrometer" can complete the complete analysis of various raw materials, such as ferroalloy, desulfurizer, slag, refractory, minerals, etc. as nodularizing agent and inoculant in 5 minutes.

The portable "alloy analyzer" can complete the detection problems of various black and non-ferrous alloy raw materials mixed and separated parts in 5 kinds of material warehouse and workshop site.

3. Metallographic structure and mechanical property test

The metallographic structure is analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively by means of automatic and intelligent metallographic analyzer;

The "material testing machine" and "electronic tensile testing machine" are used to analyze the mechanical properties intelligently.

4. Nondestructive testing of castings

Common equipment includes: magnetic particle testing, radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing or spheroidizing rate testing, hardness and matrix testing, wall thickness testing, water (gas) pressure testing, etc., including 4 sets of "online automatic testing" and "online automatic sorting".

Due to the influence of poor surface finish, loose material, coarse grain and the existence of graphite in the cast iron blank, attention must be paid to the selection of flaw detection method, selection of instrument, matching of equipment, operation technology and personnel experience.

5. Surface quality inspection of castings

The inspection of casting surface defects generally depends on visual observation, including the use of magnifying glass method less than 10 times, the use of modern industrial endoscope method, etc. In order to improve the resolution, fluorescent flaw detection, dye detection and magnetic particle inspection can be used to detect defects on or near the surface.

6. Analysis and detection of furnace gas

Generally used: gas chromatograph, infrared gas analyzer, etc. Especially the gas chromatograph can not only analyze the furnace gas, but also analyze the contents of N, O and h in cast iron.

7. Detection by furnace thermal analysis

The "thermal analysis method" can not only quickly predict the spheroidization rate, but also detect the content of C and Si, inoculation effect, matrix structure and mechanical properties of cast iron at the same time. However, the accuracy of thermal analysis method is not satisfactory in many aspects.

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